Manolo’s Memo # 3: Coffee, mas allá de un commodity and An Invitation for You 💌

Manolo’s Memo # 3: Coffee, mas allá de un commodity and An Invitation for You 💌

Mar 15, 2024Desnudo Coffee

I’d like to share with you more about why I decided to stop practicing law in favor of leading sourcing and sustainability efforts at Desnudo. From a Bogotá desk stacked with paperwork to winding roads through rural farms, the best way for you to experience the why is to join me in understanding the source of Desnudo's coffee harvests. To spend some time with Juan, Sergio and myself chatting through some of the projects that are executed on a farm level well before you see the fruits of this labor and love in your coffee cup.

We invite you to join us on October the 18th from 6:00 to 6:30pm. Simply respond to this email so that we know to send you the zoom invite! If you have anything you are very curious to learn about regarding activities at our partner farms, and that you want to make sure we touch on during the call, questions can be emailed ahead of time thru this Tuesday.  We can’t wait to discuss Desnudo's sourcing missions in more detail and share in these adventures with you!

Speaking of adventures, here you can see the time I got lost on a farm visit. The apprehension and excitement you can see in the video are a great example of how taking risks and going right to the source, truly changed my life and more importantly, the farms we work with, one farm at a time.

Hasta pronto!

Your friend Manolo

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