Change is possible, one farm at a time

By working directly with small family-run farms we can impact their lives by teaching them new techniques, encourage them to produce special coffees, with sustainable practices, regenerative agriculture, and a mindset that helps build a better future for their kids, and in turn, our own

Do you know how the coffee chain works?

Traditional coffee chain

Traditional coffee chain

Coffee is being handled by multiple participants. Farmers are at the bottom of the pyramid, and usually receive the lowest possible price. Their wealth or that of next generations is never going to change.
Fairtrade coffee chain

Fairtrade coffee chain

More direct trade is encouraged and some premiums are paid. Nevertheless, nothing really impactful is happening for the majority of small producers which comprises most of the coffee production in the world.
Farmer-Desnudo coffee chain

Farmer-Desnudo coffee chain

How can we all have our morning cup of coffee without the farmer that produces it? For us, the farmer is the most important aspect of the chain. By cutting all the inter-mediaries we can distribute more wealth back to the farms.

The problem of technology

In the vast majority of cases, producing great coffees is possible for every farmer. The problem comes with the lack of suitable facilities they have. When you pair this problem with lack of education, small farmers will basically stay in a poverty loop that won't let them improve their living conditions.

By directly working with them we can improve their facilities, encourage them to experiment with new processes, and give them price stability . Once this is accomplished they will able to sell their coffees at much better prices.

Along this journey, we have already introduced new techniques like Honey-processed coffees that we have now available for you to try.

The coffee you drink has the power to create life

Coffee plantations are an important habitat for biodiversity. Sadly, farmers in the past have been taught to focus solely on coffee, which pushed them to cut a vast amount of trees to grow more coffee. We are making big efforts to help farmers go back to diversified crops that ultimately makes them more resilient in the face of climate change, pests, and price volatility.

Pollinators make coffee plantations their home

Diversified crops are vital to the long-term sustainability of coffee farms