Cupping a coffee processed as a team, El Rincon Farm, Huila, Colombia. From left to right: Rosaura, Martín, Manolo, Jesus, and his dog Tabi.

Manolo’s Memo #2 - Beyond a vendor's tasting table

Feb 01, 2024Desnudo Coffee

Traditionally, coffee buyers attend a tasting table with a myriad of coffee from multiple international origins. When buyers find coffee profiles they like best, they seek to purchase these beans at the lowest possible prices, working with exporters, suppliers and packers in a system that under-rewards farmers themselves. While non-traditional, at Desnudo we simplify the coffee journey by working hand in hand with farmers minus all the intermediaries.

When we decided to venture beyond the vendor’s tasting table to search for incredible coffee that celebrates and uplifts farmers, we met Martín in the Huila region of Colombia. Despite having to radically change the way he had been processing coffee, Martín showed a strong willingness to improve the quality of his harvest. Small changes such as harvesting only ripe fruits or introducing a cherry and processing equipment disinfection made a huge impact.

As we explore more complex processes such as anaerobic fermentations and natural drying processes with El Rincon Farm, these beans have scored more than 89 points with independent cupping tables. Such a high performing coffee has empowered Martín to be able to leverage specialty coffees at a price that improves his own family’s life. 

Getting to know Martín and the person behind that cup of coffee has allowed us to understand more about our singular journey that leads to each great cup of coffee, and to establish a long-term view of our relationships with Martín and other farmers. I hope this has helped you understand why we decided to go beyond the traditional tasting table.

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