Change is possible, one farm at a time

We believe we can change the world

Discover how our commitment to small coffee farmers enables us to source the most exceptional coffees and simultaneously improve the lives of the people who produce them

Why Desnudo exists

Small coffee producers have huge limitations in terms of access to education, resources, facilities, and a fair market that looks for something different than maximizing profits

That’s where Desnudo comes in – by equipping the farmers we work alongside with the resources and education they need to move from the volatility of the commodity market to a stabler specialty market, we hope to effect the change we want to see in the world, one farm at a time

Our Membership

The Membership

By becoming a member of Desnudo Coffee you will have direct access to all our efforts at the farm level, the experiments to develop our delicious coffees, and the transformation of the farm's ecosystems to build sustainable habitats for biodiversity

The fun part

membership perks

Interactive selection

You will receive SMS with our weekly roasts so you can select your favorite

Fresh roasts

our weekly rotation ensures fresh roasted beans in every delivery

Flavor rotation

experience how processing techniques and varietals yield wildly different flavor profiles

Manage your subscription

easily access your membership portal to change delivery address, frequency, etc.

Free shipping!

conveniently receive your fresh coffee with  free shipping

Receive beautiful coffees with a beautiful purpose

The Desnudo Approach

Sourcing and Roasting

All of our coffees are carefully harvested, transported, and roasted in small batches to ensure freshness in every micro lot that we produce.

Usage of fermentation techniques, drying processes, and different coffee varietals provide fantastic, complex, flavor profiles

Seasonality allows us to offer a good amount of rotation on our coffees, so exposure to different profiles is something we strive for

Direct trade is our main mission. Getting to know and establish long term relationships with our partner producers is vital to build a company that fights for a better future