Our favorite Aeropress recipe

Our favorite Aeropress recipe

Jun 14, 2024Desnudo Coffee

'Love me some acid'

This is the winning recipe developed by Kata Muhel for the 2018 Portugese AeroPress championship. We love it because it brings out the acidity and fruitiness of the coffee.


  • Rinsed double paper filters
  • Inverted Aeropress
  • Coffee: 20 gr ~ Light roast preferred
  • Grind size: Medium [Comandante 22-24 clicks]
  • Water: 230 ml @ 180 F [82 C]

Step 1

Pre-wet 2 paper filters and set your Aeropress in an inverted position.

Step 2

Put the coffee in the Aeropress, tare your scale and pour 70 gr of coffee.

Step 3

Start timer and swirl your AeroPress around for 15 seconds.

Step 4

Pour remaining water to reach a total of 230 gr.

Step 5

At around 1 minute, put the cap on.

Step 6

Wait until 1:20, then invert.

Step 7

Wait until 1:30, then plunge until around 1:45.

Feel free to play around and experiment. Remember, the best coffee is the one you like <3

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